Obtaining quotations

The cornerstone of the application form is the provision by the applicant of three comparable quotations or tenders, broken down into individual elements. This process ensures that Valencia Communities Fund secures value for money for the Landfill Communities Fund by using the lowest of the quotations as a basis for awarding funding, regardless of which of the contractors is ultimately selected by the applicant.

Before submitting your quotations, please ensure:

  • The quotations are provided on the contractors' headed paper. Valencia Communities Fund will not accept spreadsheets, word documents or similar as proof of quotation.
  • The quotations are still valid and have not expired. If they have expired, please obtain new quotations or written confirmation from the contractor that the quotation is still valid.
  • The quotations are comparable. Issues sometimes arise when contractors are not given a strict brief and produce varying quotations for the same project. This is a particular problem with playparks.

Sometimes, a contractor will not be able to quote for your project. Valencia Communities Fund may accept this refusal to quote as one of your three quotations. Please check with the office, if you wish to submit a refusal to quote.

In some rare cases, the work you are doing may be highly specialised or niche. In these cases, it may be possible to submit fewer than three quotations. Please check with the office if you think you may not be able to obtain three quotes.

Valencia Communities Fund does not accept indicative quotes/costings, QS or architect’s costings or estimates. It is assumed that the quotes you submit are final, and that there is no further tendering process to be undertaken. Any project that is tendered after the award from Valencia Communities Fund will lose its award.