Environmental Sustainability

At Valencia Communities Fund, we take the sustainability and impact of the projects we fund very seriously. Our application form will request information from you as to what steps you are taking to ensure your project is both environmentally sustainable and has minimal impact on biodiversity as possible.

The following links provide a wealth of useful information and ideas for making your project more sustainable. Please note that Valencia Communities Fund is not responsible for the content of external webpages.

Biodiversity Impact

Biodiversity is the variety of plant and animal life in a particular habitat. In most cases, your project will have an impact on local biodiversity, and the materials your project will use will also affect biodiversity. There are three considerations to make when planning your project.

  1. How can you reduce the impact of your project on biodiversity?
  2. How can you mitigate any impact of your project on biodiversity?
  3. How can your project enhance biodiversity?
  4. Are there any legal requirements regarding biodiversity you must consider prior to starting works?

Any works that involve roods or the removal of vegetation or alter the water table may be subject to additional legal considerations and permissions. All permissions must be in place prior to completing your stage one application form.

Roofing works: Click here for information on what to consider when planning roofing works (all content (C) RSPB). Click here for information on bats (Crown copyright).

Outdoor mitigation: Click here for The Wildlife Trusts' advice on making room for nature (all content (C) The Wildlife Trusts).

Environmental Sustainability

Although a carbon-neutral project is very difficult to achieve, it is possible to make subtle changes to your project in order to reduce the impact it has on the local and global environment. Using recycled or sustainably-sourced materials, environmentally-friendly designs (such as light tunnels in roofs and insulation) and reducing and managing waste properly will all contribute to reducing the impact of your project on the environment.

Projects relating to buildings: The following link contains information and advise on sustainability that you should consider during the planning stage of your project: click here (All content (C) HLF)