Tuckers Hall, Exeter

2020 was the 400th anniversary of the Royal Charter granted to the Incorporation of Weavers and Shearmen, the occupants of
Tuckers Hall. 2021 will also mark the 550th anniversary of the commencement of building in 1471. The Royal Crest which graces  the prime position in the Hall over the Master’s chair was sadly faded, failing to respect its regal provenance. The external stonework was showing the ravages of age with some in a dangerous state.

The exquisite historic main hall has previously suffered fire damage from external sources and needed to be protected against any future similar event. Valencia Communities Fund was approached to fund elements of the larger project to maintain and restore the hall and to ensure its long term well-being. Funding of £29,985 was given towards the external stone repairs, a new staircase window; crest conservation and upgrading the entrance.

The staircase windows and glass fire door provide fire protection between the original and contemporary elements of the building whilst maintaining good visual connection between both. The glazed lobby screen offers the opportunity to keep the heavy and slightly intimidating front door open in all weathers to enhance the visitor welcome into the building whilst reducing heat loss. All these elements contribute significantly to the future safety of the building.