Teigngrace Meadow

Teigngrace Meadow in Devon is a 33ha nature reserve of reclaimed industrial land which has been owned by Devon Wildlife Trust since 2016. The introduction of cattle on to the site was an initial priority for the charity, which wished to improve the reserve’s grassland areas for wildlife.

A lack of good fencing and a water supply, however, remained barriers that frustrated this ambition and threatened the future of the site’s rich mix of biodiversity. These included the rare green-winged orchid; insects, including grizzled skipper butterflies; and birds, including skylarks and meadow pipits. Devon Wildlife Trust was awarded £19,598 to carry out these vital works by the Pennon Environmental Fund in June 2018 and since then, 2ha of scrub vegetation has been thinned, 280m of stock-proof fencing has been installed along with gates, a water tank, pumps, pipework and cattle troughs.