St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Oldham

St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Oldham, an imposing grade II-listed building, was awarded funding by Valencia Communities Fund in late 2016 for urgent repairs and restoration to the inside of the church.

The plaster on the internal walls and the ceiling of the church was flaking and cracks were beginning to appear, which, if left to deteriorate further, could have led to irreparable damage to the building. 
The works included the application of stencilling to the walls in the same style as the original, the painting of the walls, the painting of the reredos, the statues of the four evangelists, and other stonework around the sanctuary. Funding was also used to repair any damage to the surrounds of the stained glass windows.

The results were nothing short of spectacular, with beautiful and sympathetic restoration highlighting the Gothic/Early English style of the octagonal sanctuary.