St. Nectan's Church, Welcombe

A huge fundraising effort by the residents of Welcombe was the catalyst for an award of £20,000 from Pennon Environmental Fund via Valencia Communities Fund.

Months of fundraising saw £13,000 raised locally, as businesses and residents felt the effects of the local church without bells and, therefore, weddings.

Prevailing winds had affected the bells and corroded the steel frame that supported them. Funding was required to fully refurbish the six bells at nearby Nicholson's Engineering and install a new bell frame.

Costs were kept low by voluntary labour, and further monies were offered by Garfield Weston Foundation, AllChurches Trust, Devon Church Bell Restoration Fund and John S Cohen Foundation.

Howard Pankhurst, the manager of the project, said "It is always amazing to find out the fantastic level of support you get from a tiny village of less than 200 people, who are willing to pull together to protect a significant landmark in the village, and very heartening to receive grant aid to the extent we have when we are so small a community."