St George the Martyr, Shirley

The Lady Chapel at St George the Martyr in Shirley, Surrey is a small, intimate area adjoining the mainchurch, built in 1967.  Following the discovery in the autumn of 2017 of cracks in the ceiling of the Chapel plus damage to the roof structure, it became clear that extensive repairs would be necessary to make the Chapel safe and to preserve it for the future. Not only was the Chapel unusable but with a propped ceiling and caving-in roof it was an unsightly and hazardous corner of the church. Valencia Communities Fund awarded the applicants £24,284 to enable the repair work togo ahead. The work took just over eight weeks and included repair of  the roof and restoration of internal areas of the Chapel. Work was completed in the autumn of 2018.

The beautiful space, to many the most important part of the church, is ideal for visitors to retreat to from the busyness of life, to sit comfortably for quiet contemplation or private prayer. It is also widely used for varied activities and small gatherings.