Loch Lomond

Greenland white-fronted geese are one of the UK’s rarest wintering birds. Their global population is below 20,000 and declining rapidly, making them a red-listed, endangered subspecies of highest conservation concern. These geese are very site-loyal, returning to the same places year on year. However, their habitat requirements for grazing and roosting are very specific, so it is crucial to keep the sites they already use in good condition.

RSPB Scotland Loch Lomond nature reserve is home to a significant portion of the wintering population of these geese. However, parts of the reserve had become overgrown with rank vegetation, resulting in poor habitat conditions. With support from Valencia Communities Fund, RSPB Scotland was able to install new fencing so that vegetation can be grazed down, and purchase of a weed wiper machine for targeted vegetation management. This has helped to create ideal conditions to support a healthy, robust population of geese and promote the conservation of this globally threatened species to RSPB.

Photo credits
Geese in Flight - Ian Fulton
Loch Lomond Landscape - Luke Wake