Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, Barrow Gurney

Concern over nearby housing developments and woodland felling has prompted Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary to try to offset the damage to the local wildlife. They purchased a 3.5 acres area of pastureland opposite the sanctuary entrance with the aim of creating a wild flower meadow and pond which would increase biodiversity and create a conservation area for multiple species, along with a small resource area.

They were awarded £36,310 in funding by Valencia Communities Fund in March 2018 which was used to not only purchase seeds, plants and trees, but to create a wildlife pond and an amazing bat folly – an artificial roost for endangered species, protecting them from local predators. The group has also been able to build a shelter filled with information about wildlife for visitor and volunteers alike. What started out as a plain grassy area has now been transformed into a wildlife haven – the pond has already attracted birds, frogs and several species of dragonfly. Further seed sowing and planting will be carried out in 2019 ensuring the meadow’s longevity.