Hillstown Village Hall, Derbyshire

In 1975, the village purchased several portacabins to create a new village hall. Over time, the cabins started to deteriorate, with the flat roof constantly leaking and the exterior at the mercy of the elements.

Valencia Communities Fund was approached for funding to help make the building water-tight again; fully boarding the existing roof and covering with high-tensile felt.

The hall committee also clad the exterior of the hall to create an attractive and welcoming community building for the village and beyond.

Fiona James, Development Officer, Hillstown Miners' Welfare Trust: “Prior to the funding of £65,000 by Valencia Communities Fund, Hillstown Village Hall would often receive comments from our users and members of the community regarding that the outside of the building really did not reflect the fantastic facilities within.  Since the project completed we have received so many glowing comments from locals and users. 

More people are noticing the community facility and want to get involved.”

In January 2022, Valencia Communities Fund awarded a further £32,033 towards replacement of the windows and doors of the hall.