Christ Church, Morningside

As a consequence of subsidence, the 19th century pulpit at Christ Church in Edinburgh had developed significant lean and was in danger of total collapse and destruction.

An ambitious project was submitted to Valencia Communities Fund in May 2016 and £6,000 was granted for essential stabilisation works.

A temporary framework was erected and the pulpit was raised to allow access to the floor beneath - in itself a great feat of engineering.

The ceiling of the room below was removed, the floor under the pulpit was braced and shored before being replaced. Finally, the limestone and marble of the pulpit was given a thorough clean.

Michael Herriott of Christ Church said "without the grant and the subsequent works, there was a serious risk of significant deterioration and damage to the whole building."

The result is a safe, secure and absolutely stunning piece of archiecture that is safe for years to come.