The Bishop of London's Palace, Fulham

The overall project was a large restoration and renewal project, focusing mainly on the Tudor quadrangle and the gardens of Fulham Palace, London. The project has opened up new areas of the Palace to the public and there is now a new museum and interpretation.

Thanks to the Valencia Communities Fund funding and as part of the wider capital works, Fulham Palace was able to restore a lost historic opening in the great hall that originally connected the two parts of the building.

The main porchway in to the Place has been completely restored.  Stripping back layers of paint accumulated over many years .  This involved detailed restoration of the lath and plaster and the rib vault ceiling with its central boss, coat of arms and leaf decoration.  The two plaster faces on the outside of the porch were restored and confirmed to be representations of Bishop Howley and his wife. 

The improved accessibility enabled a compliant disabled toilet in the new museum space and a ramp to connect the visitor welcome room to the main museum.