Balnaguard Glen, Perthshire

Valencia Communities Fund awarded Scottish Wildlife, Trust just over £36,000 in December 2017, allowing them to carry out important, works at Balnaguard Glen Wildlife, Reserve in Perthshire., The aim of this project was to enhance, the regeneration of juniper – a UK BAP, priority species – which supports a range, of specialist insects, fungi and lichens., Juniper is in serious decline nationally,, which is also affecting wildlife such as, Snipe and Woodcock, who benefit from, the dense ground cover it provides.

The project took a two-pronged, approach to creating conditions to help juniper thrive. Two kilometres of deer fencing (with badger gates to allow access for the resident badgers) was erected to prevent browsing pressure on fruiting and flowering shoots. Intensive bracken control through a combination of spraying and flattening was also carried out using contractors and enthusiastic local volunteers. The results of a recent Habitat Impact Assessment shows that these measures are already taking effect.