Valencia Communities Fund

Viridor Credits Environmental Company has now completed the transition to our new company name: Valencia Communities Fund.

This follows the change in name of our donor landfill operator from Viridor Ltd to Valencia Waste Management.

Our website, Twitter and email addresses have changed to reflect our change of name, though using the old name will redirect to us for a brief period.

You will also see small changes on our website, email signatures and paperwork.

This change will not affect our applicants in any way. We will continue to consider and fund the best projects for funding in the vicinity of Valencia Waste Management's landfill sites.

Q. My project was funded by Viridor Credits. Is my funding still available?
A. Yes. Any project that received funding prior to this change will still be able to draw down that funding as usual.

Q. My project was funded by Viridor Credits. Should I now publicise Valencia Communities Fund as my funder?
A. Yes! All publicity you produce in relation to your project should now cite our new company name, and you can access logos from the PR page of our website. You will also receive a plaque with our new name on it.