Criteria for Community Projects

The list below contains the criteria headings that your Grants Officer will use to assess your application. These headings have been derived from scheme-based objectives and the objectives of the Valencia Communities Fund Board.

  • Deprivation index - what level of deprivation is there in the area?
  • Disamenity due to landfill proximity - how much of an impact does the landfill have on the community?
  • Access - how accessible is the project site to the whole of the local community? Does it meet the scheme's minimum requirements?
  • Sustainability - is the project sustainable in the long term?
  • Community need - how valuable will the completed project be to the community?
  • Other fundraising - what other funds are secured for the project?
  • Previous awards from Valencia Communities Fund
  • Ability to start - will the project start and complete within the requirements of Valencia Communities Fund?

The overall score will be compared to an internal benchmark score to assess whether your application will then be forwarded to the Funding Group or Board of Trustees for consideration. Applications that do not meet or exceed this score will be declined at this stage.

All criteria are subject to change by Valencia Communities Fund at any time to reflect scheme-wide or internal priorities.