Application Process

What happens once my application is received by Valencia Communities Fund?

When your application arrives, the Grants Officer will email you to acknowledge receipt of your application and to ask any questions arising from processing it. Once any questions have been answered, the Grants Officer will score your application against a number of criteria in order to assess whether your project fits in with the aims of Valencia Communities Fund and the Landfill Communities Fund. If your application does not exceed the minimum score or your project is otherwise ineligible for funding from Valencia Communities Fund, then the Grants Officer will email you to let you know. 

Any application that is not complete or that has any issues after the closing date will not be considered at the following meeting. You are strongly advised to submit your Stage 2 application far in advance of the closing date to ensure that any issues with your application can be resolved before the closing date. 

What is my application scored against?

The criteria that the Grants Officers use varies slightly between the different types of project Valencia Communities Fund is able to fund. Examples of each can be found on the links below:



Biodiversity - Due to the unique nature of biodiversity projects, Valencia Communities Fund does not score biodiversity projects against key criteria

Applications under the Community or Heritage objects will be required to achieve a minimum score before being presented to the Funding Group or Board of Directors for its final consideration.

How does the Funding Group decide which applications get funded?

The Valencia Communities Fund Funding Group is comprised of the General Manager, Operations Manager, Project Liaison Officer, Grants Officer and Finance Officer. The group will allocate funding to the projects that they feel will provide greatest benefit to their local communities based partly on the criteria score and their own local knowledge. Once the group has met, you will be informed of the group's decision within ten working days of the meeting. All decisions are overseen by the Valencia Communities Fund Board.

What happens if my application is successful?

You will receive the Successful Applicants Pack and a number of documents to complete along with your Offer Letter. It is important that you read and agree to these terms as soon as possible. This pack will describe the next steps of your project